Funny shirts and gifts for guys.

Funny Men's T-shirts is your place for humorous gifts for golfers, dads, and even woodworkers. Get a goofy "over the hill" birthday, Father's Day, or bachelor party gift printed on nearly any kind of shirt you want. Mugs and steins are available, too!

  • Diet and Exercise Tee
  • Bank of Dad ATM
  • Woodworking is the cure for loose stools. Mug.
  • A humorous tee showing all a man needs to survive a disaster--beer, chili, a couch, and a home theater system.
  • Bad Temper Golf Mug
  • Golf Shirt
  • Redneck Soccer shirt.
  • Pwned bachelor party shirt.
  • Male Pattern Deafness Shirt
  • I Love Indian Food
  • Chili gets you movin'.
  • 2 much pi is increasing my r.
  • God Is a Hipster Shirt
  • Sarcasm T-Shirt
  • Slap a Bass, Not a Ho--a t-shirt for bass players.
  • Thank you for not crop dusting.
Funny Men's T-Shirts products are all printed and shipped by Zazzle. Ordering is simple and secure. You can choose from a wide variety of shirts, including ringer tees, sweatshirts and baseball jerseys. Spread the word, share on Facebook and keep coming back for new designs.