Men's Humor Mugs and Shirts

Browse these funny shirts and mugs for men. Subjects include aging, fatherhood, and our unwillingness to admit we're lost. Find some hilarious Father's Day, anniversary, or "over-the-hill" birthday gifts for men of any age.

  • Diet and Exercise Tee
  • Voice Over I Pee T-Shirt
  • Digital Rectal Exam Shirt
  • Shirt explaining in automotive terms the way men break down with age.
  • Bank of Dad ATM
  • Woodworking is the cure for loose stools.
  • Funny description of the process of woodworking.
  • Saying you can understand women is like saying you can own a cat.
  • A funny golf shirt for the male golfer who can't keep his mind off the game.
  • A man is never lost. He is just finding a new way to get there.
  • A humorous tee showing all a man needs to survive a disaster--beer, chili, a couch, and a home theater system.
  • Diagnosis Male, Prognosis Terminal. Treatment - keep patient comfortable with food, sex and beer.
  • A funny tee for the man who knows how to please a the yard, that is.
  • Women are like the universe--beautiful, unfathomable, and great to look at through a telescope.
  • God split an Adam and we've been dealing with the fallout ever since.
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